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Stirling Ranges 

Just 60Km drive from Mt. Barker features unique wildflowers, bush walks, camping facilities, and magnificent scenery. A short drive North is the Dutch "LILY" Windmill, restaurant & vineyard.

Climbing the peaks


The following peaks are easiest to climb and provide the best views. Average return trip is shown in brackets unless otherwise stated.


Bluff Knoll (3 Hours), Toolbrunup (2.5 hours), Mt Hassell (2.5 hours), Mondurup (2.5 hours from Stirling Range Drive, no track except on top), Mt Magog (2 hours from Talyuberlup, no track.), Talyuberlup (2.5 hours), Yungermere (3 hours from Chester pass Road, no track.), Ellen Peak (8 hours from northern boundary of park.),

Bluff knoll and Toolbrunup provide the best views. many walk tracks now exist throughout the park enabling closer viewing of the flora and fauna. Bushwalkers & rock climbers are asked to register their intentions with park rangers for safety reasons.


Total wildflowers species number almost 1000 of which 100 grow only in The Stirling Range. Wildflowers can be seen all year round but are at their best from September to November during which time the Park becomes a kaleidoscope of colour.


Many species  of Banksia, Isopogon, Eucalypts, Smoke Brush, Darwinia (bell flowers) and of course, Orchids will be flowering at this time

Birds and Animals

Birdlife is plentiful with over 3130 species being recorded. To name just a few of them the colourful Rosellas, Parrots, Wrens, Honeyeaters, Thombills, Robins, Wedge Tail Eagles and Emus.

Kangaroos and bush wallabies are very common and care should be taken when driving early in the morning or evening. Some kangaroos have become quite used to human contact and will approach visitors for a 'snack' particularly near the bluff knoll car park. Snakes, some venomous, can be seen in warmer weather but if left alone are harmless.