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Porongurup Range

A picturesque 15 minute drive east of Mt Barker brings you to the unique Porongurup Range. More than 1100 million years have passed since the formation of this unique landform.

 As the climate changed and the forests retracted, the deep red soils high rainfall and towering granite peaks became host to the majestic karri trees  with there understorey of flowers and shrubs. Map ....

Rising abruptly from the surrounding farmland, this spectacular forest island is rich in rugged beauty, unique plant life and abundant fauna.

Birdwatchers & photographers revel in the 78 species of bird life - from majestic wedge tailed eagles to small scarlet robin, and the electric blue plumage of the splendid wrens.

Botanists and wildlife enthusiasts from around the globe are lured to the Porongurups to capture the beauty of over 700 species of flowering plants, some of which are rare, endemic or endangered .

While most animals such as possums, bandicoots and antechinuses are nocturnal, western grey kangeroos and brush tailed wallabies can be seen amongst the lush undergrowth that provides a home for monitor lizards, skinks and racehorse goannas. The many walk trails lead you into this fascinating, diverse habitat.

The granite peaks of the Porongurups are quite different from the quartzite/Sandstone peaks of the Stirlings and similarly the flora is quite differant. Easy walking tracks lead to most of the peaks giving spectacular views, particularly north to the Stirlings 30km away