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shire link with a king

The Shire of Plantagenet was first explored in 1831 by Governor Captain James Stirling. Strangely there is no written evidence as to why he named the Mt Barker district "Plantagenet".

Until July 1832 the name "Plantagenet" was not used and the area was called, in official documents, "the district round King George Sound". how the name "Plantagenet" came to be given to this tract of country is a small mystery in the history of this state because nowhere in the writings of the early explorers, surveyors or officials does it appear to have been explicitly stated why this name was given.

The most reasonable explanation for this outstanding historical name would be that Captain Stirling was continuing Captain Vancouver's decision to honour the Royal Family, which claimed to be of Plantagenet blood. There is an oral tradition in the district that the name originates from a species of broom plant said to be growing in this area - shown on the badge of the Plantagenet kings was a sprig of broom worn on a hat. nobody, however, is able to identify the plant giving way rise this traditional explanation. Certainly there is frequent mention of the journals of the early explorers and surveyors of the broom plant.